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    Newbie-Popup Value List-How to determine what has been selected



      Newbie-Popup Value List-How to determine what has been selected


           I have a popup menu that contains a value list that is composed of a field (CultivarName) from a linked table and an ID field (2 separate fields, one in each table).  These two fields uniquely identify a record to operate on.  The popup appears correctly but when the user selects something the result of the popup is the (Cultivar Name) with the ID field.   For example:

           The popup values looks like:

                    Cultivar1    ID01

                   Cultivar1     ID02...

                   Cultivar 2    ID01

           Now after the user has selected one of the popup items, what is in the field is "Cultivar1"  (without the ID field which provides a unique identification combined with the Cultivar1 designation).  So I am unable to identify the record that the user has selected.  I tried building a calculated field where the two fields were combined but FileMaker Pro 12 told me that could not be done as one of the fields was linked.

           A more basic question is after one has build a popup where two fields are specified in a value list, it looks like only one of them is actually rendered into the variable where the popup is specified.

           This is probably a trivial question but any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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               I don't undestand your values.

               Why would you have Cultivar 1 and ID01 in one row and Cultivar 1 ID02 in another? I'd think that each cultivar would have a unique ID number. (and I know that a cultivar is a specific plant variety...)

               You are correct that when you select from a value list, the value of the first field is what is entered into the field. There are two options you can consider:

               Define a text field with an auto enter calculation that combines the values of both fields. This field can then be the single field specified as a source of values for you value list and then both values will be entered into the same field when you select a value.


               Define a third field as an auto-entered serial number and use the auto-entered text field I just described as the second field in this value list. define a relationship that links the two tables by this ID number not the two of your original table. You can then select by the cultivar and ID number vlaues, but this serial number is what is entered into the field when you select a value and this then links your current record to the selected record in the other table.

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                 Thanks PhilModJunk for your reply and suggestions.  To explain my nomenclature more - the Cultivar 1, Cultivar 2 are two different cultivars.  My database has three tables. The first is the Cultivars table contains general plant characteristics, photo, growth habits, etc.  The Cultivars Table is linked to another table, MyCultivars, and contains the instances of those Cultivars in my garden (I may have 5 instances of a single cultivar), and are designated by ID01, ID02 (my assigned names), etc.  and contains the date planted, source, location and other information about that individual plant.  The MyCultivar table is linked to another table, Observations, which contains daily observational data about that specific (MyCultivars) plant, i.e., bloom dates, bloom counts, water application, insect control applications, photos, and other observational data for that individual plant.

                 Maybe that clears up some confusion about my nomenclature.

                 Thanks again for your help.   I hope to get your one of your two suggestions implemented today.  Those look pretty simple to implement.

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                   You might also consider setting up a conditional value list where you select the cultivar in field 1 and then a drop down list for the ID number only lists the ID numbers for the selected cultivar.