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Newbie-Popup Value List-How to determine what has been selected

Question asked by RobertWright on Jun 19, 2013
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Newbie-Popup Value List-How to determine what has been selected


     I have a popup menu that contains a value list that is composed of a field (CultivarName) from a linked table and an ID field (2 separate fields, one in each table).  These two fields uniquely identify a record to operate on.  The popup appears correctly but when the user selects something the result of the popup is the (Cultivar Name) with the ID field.   For example:

     The popup values looks like:

              Cultivar1    ID01

             Cultivar1     ID02...

             Cultivar 2    ID01

     Now after the user has selected one of the popup items, what is in the field is "Cultivar1"  (without the ID field which provides a unique identification combined with the Cultivar1 designation).  So I am unable to identify the record that the user has selected.  I tried building a calculated field where the two fields were combined but FileMaker Pro 12 told me that could not be done as one of the fields was linked.

     A more basic question is after one has build a popup where two fields are specified in a value list, it looks like only one of them is actually rendered into the variable where the popup is specified.

     This is probably a trivial question but any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.