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Newbie.  Simple question.

Question asked by rlamberts on Apr 13, 2013
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Newbie.  Simple question.


     Simple question (I'm new at this):

     I have a database of patients and another of pharmacies.  I am able to use the phramacy list to populate the drop-down list for the patient's preferred pharmacy, but now I'd like the pharmacy phone number and fax number to be put into data fields on the patient's database.  I have tried using a calculation to assign the phone # in the pharmacy database to the value on the patient database, but have had limited success (it did it once and then disappeared).  I am basically trying to ask "for the record where the pharmacy is 'CVS on Main Street', get the phone number" within the calculation.  

     Is this the right approach?  My hope is that this is a very easy question to answer.