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Newbie...checking out equipment

Question asked by PaulLemen on Apr 27, 2012
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Newbie...checking out equipment


Okay, so I am extremely new to this, so be kind.


Here is my situation.  I am a band director.  I have a bunch of school-owned equipment (instruments, locks, etc.) that I check out to students for the year.  I have figured out how to put together my student database with no problem.  What I need to do is figure out how to check out instruments to the students.  Here are the things I would like it to do:


1.  Have a place on the student page (either on the main page or in a tab...doesn't matter) where I can assign school instruments to the kids, and where it will show which instruments are checked out to the students.  If this could be some kind of table format, it would be best, since kids often have more than one piece of equipment checked out to them at a time (locks and an instrument, etc.).

2.  Have a place in teh instrument description where it will show which student has the instrument checked out to them.

3.  My hope is that when I go to check out an instrument for the student, there would be a drop down menu showing which instruments are currently available.

4.  On the instrument inventory, a history of who has checked out each instrument in the past, so I can track those kids down if something is wrong.


Anyway, I don't know if what I am looking for is too advanced for someone like me.  I have a program (made with Filemaker) that is okay, but it isn't modifiable, so I can't customize it to my specific needs.  I have figured out how to do pretty much everything I need on FM, except the "checkout" thing. 


Again, big time newbie here, so be kind in your explanations.