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Newbie:  Entity Relationship and Database Complexity

Question asked by cacibi on Aug 2, 2010
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Newbie:  Entity Relationship and Database Complexity


Hello - 

I'm very new to this whole database thing and really trying to wrap my head around some of these concepts before I dig in to build my first DB.  It's been very hard for me to apply the Entity Relationship information to my own particular model.

I'm an Event Manager (and yes, I found the quick start template) and one of the first questions I'm trying to settle is:  one database for all events, or one database for each event?

It seems to me that the relationship complexity factor goes way up if I try to build a DB that tracks all my events, however - it would be nice to track some things across events (like vendors and guests).  It seems to me, thought, that if I try to build a DB that tracks all events - it generates a lot of many-to-many relationships.

My list of Entities looks something like this.






Team/Production Staff


My quandry is that - there are a few groups here that might be some upped as "Contacts" or "People".  It seems to me that I could incorporate these into one group and then designate the type of contact/person within that group.  I am assuming that I could setup the DB so that only particular fields are available for each type.

Is it also possible to setup a contact data entry panel so that, based on the type of contact selected, that contact would be given a different ID type/serial?

But then, given the relationships with other entities - I can see the value of having these contact groups as separate entities.  Vendors, for example, have a definite relationship with the budget - but guests and staff don't.

Anyway - any guidance appreciated.  Thanks