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Newbie:  Plz help me find how to learn linking databases (not tables)

Question asked by Nikki59 on May 9, 2011
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Newbie:  Plz help me find how to learn linking databases (not tables)


Hello folks,

I'm thinking to develop three databases that I can link together for my double-breasted business.  Not convinced yet of building multiple tables for reasons listed below.

I have two distinct sets of staff with turnover so don't want to invest too much on training.

Thought to create one database for the resort, one for the restaurant and train staff how to use a simple input layout for each respective business.  I assume I can lock them out of anything important on these.  I would then create a 'Master Database' for me to reference the other two to generate invoices and reports.  

My logic is that three databases are good in case the resort and restaurant parted ways.  Each database / layout set could go along as stand-alone data and templates with office value.  But that's just an inexperienced assumption.

Is this the best way to accomplish this ?   Would really appreciate your sage advice.  One thing I have learned so far is that initial planning in creating a database is an important and delicate time and would love to hear if I'm going down a rocky road.

I don't expect so much help as to walk me through this complicated work, but can you help direct my research ?  

What would I be attempting to do in "FilemakerSpeak" so I can look it up ?  

I'll get some education and ask better questions later !

Thanks a million...