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Newbie: Can I use email addresses as Account names?

Question asked by NigelDalton-Brown on Nov 12, 2012
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Newbie: Can I use email addresses as Account names?


     Hi all, i've tried looking for this query but haven't found it, probably because I'm not asking the right apologies if the answer is posted elsewhere.

     So here's what I'd like to do........ allow my external users to be able to use their e-mail addresses as their account names.  They will log onto to the database using a web browser. .....  I'd perfer not to have to ask them to come up with a userID....we all have so many of the blasted things and e-mails are useful unique names.

  1.           There are currently 35 users, each from different companies and so each user has a different e-mail addresses
  3.           I need to be able handle hundreds of users.
  5.           Within the database, each user has a record which lists their e-mail, name, phone number etc. 
  7.           I've set up three privilege sets for the three levels of user access

     .....or if anyone has a neat idea to do this using an external database or table or somehting.

     Many thanks for the help.

     Nigel db