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    Newbie: Relationships?



      Newbie: Relationships?


      Hello all, first time poster here!

      I know you guys probably get this all the time, and I'm sure I'll look like a newb and a fool for asking (that's okay!)... but I am in serious need of understanding relationships in FileMaker Pro 10.

      I am attempting to produce a database for a company that handles cleaning for other businesses. I need to create a database that shows upcoming jobs for the company, containing the business location, frequency of work per location, and the total monthly bill.

      From that database, I would like to be able to simply click on the business location (Example: Albertsons), and have it link to my Contacts database, where I can find contact info such as address, phone number, etc.

      I have been trying to read up on tutorials on relationships, and even broke down and watched some Youtube videos, but I just can't figure it out. If someone could walk me through this in an easy-to-understand-for-a-total-newbie way... I would be INSANELY appreciative!

      Thank you!!



      (I am using FileMaker Pro 10, on Windows XP)

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          I sent you a private message.



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            Thanks, I appreciate your response.



            However, I feel that my task is very simple (or at least, it should be). I've taken a screenshot of an example page I've made in hopes of providing a visual cue as to what I need:





            I would like it so that when viewing our Jobs List (the spreadsheet page in the background), I can simply click the Job Name (Airport Atrium) and have it bring me to the Contact Management page in the foreground, where I can easily access the customer's information.

            What would be the most simple way to do this?  Am I trying to do something that's not even possible?

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              This is pretty easy to do, but some details will differ depending on whether you have two files here or one file with both tables.


              Here's a sample script for two tables in the same file: (substitute your actual table and field names for mine).


              If [not isempty(Projects::ContactID)]

                Set variable[$ContactID ; Value: Projects::ContactID]

                Go To layout [Contacts]

                Enter Find Mode[]

                Set Field [Contacts::ContactID; $ContactID]

                Perform Find[]

              End If


              To make it work on two files requires passing the contactID data (you have to have a field in projects that uniquely identifies a record in contacts.) as a parameter to a script that performs the find in the contacts file instead of using a variable, but otherwise it's the same.