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Newbie: Seeking general information regarding distributing solutions to clients

Question asked by user24094 on Nov 26, 2014
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Newbie: Seeking general information regarding distributing solutions to clients


Hi, I am very new to File Maker Pro Advanced and I have a couple of basic questions regarding distributing solutions to a client. 

1) If I create a solution and distribute it to a client, how do I then provide an update to the solution later on? My "programming code" is tied in to the database itself. When I am ready to roll out version 1.1 of my solution how do I go about doing this? Do I name the file xxxxxv2.fm12 and then import the data from the xxxxxv1.fm12 file over?  I must be missing something fairly basic here.

2) Do most developers package their solution as a runtime via FMP Advanced, or do they get the clients to purchase "x" copies of FMP and run the application via FMP directly? I have seen some info on the net about the different versions and what functions are not available in the runtime solution, but I am wondering what other developers are actually doing.

3) Why do you remove admin access from the solution before distributing it? What if the client comes back to you later and you "need" to get in with your admin access to fix something up? Can I somehow get control back as the admin to make my changes as necessary and then give the fixed up solution back to the client?


I am sorry if these questions sound so basic but I have been involved in distributing solutions using Java, VB and Dataflex for many years but none of those development tools tie the "code" in with the database itself.

I feel like I must be missing some fairly basic thinking in regards to FMP solutions.


David Morris.