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Newby question

Question asked by amtrakpdx on Nov 4, 2011
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Newby question


Hi Friends,

New to the forum.  New to FMP.  I feel proficient with spreadsheets but am much less-so with RDBs.  Working on a home budgeting program with version 10.

I have a table of savings 'goals'.  The goals are things like vacation, new car, Christmas fund, Kid one college svg etc.

The fields are: goal name, percent (percentage of monthly budget income going into the acct), maximum amt of goal (when to stop pulling $ from the monthly income for that particular goal), (others?).

I can see that I need the small table of goals but I can also see that I need another table that has some of the elements of the smaller table but also additional fields like date of income and actual dollar amt that was calculated to go into that acct.

Any/all guidance will be appreciated; no explanation will be too simple.  Thanks for being there.