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Newby Question on Auto Serial Number

Question asked by tedH on Sep 11, 2009
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Newby Question on Auto Serial Number


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I am setting up an accountingform, and I want all payments from one department to be sequentially anduniquely numbered 1001, 1002, etc, while all disbursements from another department will be sequentially 2001, 2002, etc, and with a different number for eachof the other 3 departments, with all numbers to be automatically entered by the computer.  


The auto enter serial numbers in the define fields modes certainly works fine for one department, but how do I have it enter different numbers for each department? I originally thought maybe a field which a radio button for department 1, 2, etc. and then another field, with an “if then…else” statement. But,I became so confused, I thought a martini with two olives would be a better solution for my immediate headache.


Any ideas on how to solve the serial number problem? I’m very grateful for any help. FileMaker 10 looks like a great program.



Ted H

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