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    newby/dummie help needed



      newby/dummie help needed


           hello masters;-)

           i have done a search in my db and got a result of say 100 records of which I would like the content  from field A + field B (of all 100 records) copied to another table in 1 field, in 1 record (not 100 records).

           My software version is FMP Advanced 9.03

           How on earth can I do this?

           thankx in advance!


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               Why do you need to copy this value? (There are many ways to get this value on demand without storing the value in another table.)

               A calculation field, C can be defined to compute Field A + Field B

               Then a summary field can be defined to compute the total of Field C.

               Then a script can copy the total in this summary field into a variable and then the value in this variable can be copied into the field in the other table, but there may be better/simpler ways to do this depending on what relationships you establish between the two tables--if you really need to do this at all.

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                 I have a clientdb with names, adresses, fields of interest as a category etc. I don't need to count anything.

                 I need different kinds of lists, b.e.:

                 - of names + e-mail adresses  (Field A + Field B), separated by a comma, in one field in one record, for creating groupmails with gmail. I just looked at the template of FMP 'Email campaign management'. It looks great and I would love to combine it with my contactdb, but I cannot find a method to add multiple email adresses to a group at once. If this is possible then it would be the best solution for me.

                 - of participants = names + e-mail adresses  (Field A + Field B), these lists I want to keep as static lists for mutiple purposes and for my archive/history.

                 as I said I'm a newby, I do understand the relationshippart between tables, making lay-outs etc., but scripting......only the very simple things without formulas or variables.

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                   Adding value 5 + 5 = 10 and concatenating values "Apple " & "Orange" = "Apple Orange" are two different operations with two different operators.

                   NameFIeld & ", " & EmailAddressField

                   might be what you need here, but you don't need to define this as a field, it can be a calculation in your send mail dialog.

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                PhilModJunk thank you for your advices. I think I understand what you mean......most of the time when i read about this I feel as if i'm reading Arabic ;-)

                     Trouble is.....I'm very bad with calculations and always trying to avoid them, but I'm sure that it's a much smarter way to work in a db.

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                   No !! The intellectual path you really were seeking was looking for FileMaker simplicity. FileMaker can lead you down long long long roads and weeks months years on the wrong path !!