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Newcomer with simple question (I hope)

Question asked by dsw5829 on Jun 6, 2015
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Newcomer with simple question (I hope)



I created a database to track artwork.  I have a table with all the artwork listed, a second table with all the names/addresses of venues where the art can be displayed, and a third table with all the various exhibits that have or can occur at the venues.


The tables have one to many relationship from the artwork to the venires and from the venues to the exhibits.  All my table have an auto generated "serial number" which is the primary index.  I created a field of the same name in the other tables to allow establishing the relationships. 

I created a portal on the Artwork table layout where I can enter the exhibits (name of exhibit, start and end dates and the venus).  When I add and exhibit through the portal (or select the name of an exhibit form a pulldown list linked to the exhibit table) it creates a record in the exhibit table.

However, if I go to another piece of artwork and enter that same information it crates a new record in the exhibits table with the same information.  

What I want is only one instance of an exhibit for each exhibit no matter how many piece of art are entered into an exhibit.  

If I can get that working I would then like to create a portal in the exhibit table layout that will list all the pieces of artwork that have been entered into that exhibit.

Newcomer needs help.