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    Next Record in IWP



      Next Record in IWP


      IS there a way to go to the next/previous record through the use of script and button in Filemaker 9 pro advanced in IWP?

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          Thank you for your post.


          You can set up a button to execute the command "Go to Record/Request/Page" and specify "Next" or "Previous" to select next record or previous record, respectively.


          You can also create a script with the script step:


          Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next ]


          Go to Record/Request/Page [ Previous ]


          and reference the script.



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                 I have a question related to the title. I noticed in FileMaker 10 IWP if I bring up a database from the web, it shows -> and <- arrows in the sidebar. If I click on -> it advances to the next page of records. In the FileMaker client (either 11 or 12) clicking on the similar icon advances to the next record, Note that in the FileMaker client one can click on the scroll bar to advance to the next page of records.

                 In FileMaker 12 IWP, the arrows have moved to the top (no sidebar), and clicking the arrows advances one record at a time. There appears no way with the stock interface to advance a page at a time, like one could do in FileMaker 10 IWP. One has to click multiple times on the arrow or calculate the record # and enter it to get to the next page. If I want to browse several pages this becomes tiresome. Is there a FileMaker Server 12 Advanced configuration option to use the old behavior?