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Next Step for Conditional Value LIst

Question asked by Tusquittee on Mar 25, 2013
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Next Step for Conditional Value LIst



After MUCH help from PhilModJunk I hope I’ve figured out how to deal with conditional value lists.  I have Academic Years, Sessions, and Classes.  Choosing a specific year only shows sessions for that year.  Choosing a specific session only shows classes for that session.


I have a Registration Detail Layout from the Registration Table.  


Selecting the Registration::Academic Year, lists ALL years via value list from the Academic Year Table.


Selecting Registration::Session, lists the appropriate sessions via a value list from the Registrations to Registrations to Classes for Sessions Table but only shows related records from the Registrations to Registrations for Portal Table.


Finally, within the portal, selecting Reg Data::Class Name gives me specific classes for that session in that particular year.  The value list selects from the Registration to Registration to Classes for Classes in Portal Table but only shows related records from the Registrations to Registrations for Portal Table.


I’m having difficulties with the next step.  After selecting the appropriate class within the portal, I would like to have the fields for Instructor Name, Start Date, End Date, Room, etc... also display within the portal for that specific class.  The problem is, although I know it’s selecting a specific class, I can’t figure out the relationship between the other information I have recorded about that specific class (that’s listed in the specific Class Detail layout) and the value list I just chose from to make the conditional class list work.  I can’t get the correct instructors to show up.  I can get instructors for only the specified session.. I just can’t get the specific instructor... Should I do another conditional value list for the additional data I want to appear? Am I going about this in the right way? Is there another way to select specific classes and generate a transcript type summary?


As an end result I’d like for the user to be able to select the year, session, and class.  Selecting the specific class would bring up information about that specific class.  Then user could go to 2nd line of portal and choose additional classes. (A single registration can only consist of classes within the same year and session.) Additionally, I’m trying to get the line item in the portal to act as a ledger of sorts... subtracting seats from that specific class but that’s probably an entirely different post.


     Thanks in advance...