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Next/Previous Page in Report Layout (IWP)

Question asked by meteodave1 on Jun 14, 2011
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Next/Previous Page in Report Layout (IWP)


We recently upgraded to FMPro 11 Advanced.  IWP report layouts now do not increment by "Page" (as they did in FMPro 10) but instead by "Record".  The FMPro 11 help for "Go to Record/Request/Page" indicates:

"Previous moves to the previous  record in the file or found set, displays the previous find request, or moves to  the previous page in a report

Next moves to the next record in the file or found set,  displays the next find request, or moves to the next page in a report. Exit after last tells FileMaker Pro to exit the script  or control structure (like a loop) when it reaches the last record in the found  set."
The built-in navigation controls and script-controlled buttons do not operate with the correct behavior when records are viewed in Report layout.