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Nicer looking table...

Question asked by amtrakpdx on Jan 23, 2015
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Nicer looking table...


Dear Wizards,

I want a layout where the user can make an entry into fields of a new record of a table.  Should be simple enough, but…  I want the user to also be able to see the past entries made into those fields while in the same layout.  Table View seems to be the logical answer but I don’t want the ‘harsh’ structured graphic of the table view.  I want the layout to have a header with logos and guiding text but then have the table and new record line (on top preferably) halfway down the screen looking a lot like a portal.  I’ve sort of made this happen by using List View and compressing the body to the height of a record.  I can’t get the new record to the top of the stack using this method though.  The only other thing I can think of doing to get the portal appearance is to create a dummy parent and actually make a portal on the layout, having the layout based on the dummy table.

Is this the best practice or are there other methods to do this?

Again, TIA