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NO ACCESS error when adding items from item entry

Question asked by Oasistech on Jan 19, 2010
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NO ACCESS error when adding items from item entry


Hello all!  Our client is having some problems loading inventory items from their database to the item entry screen. 


We are using Filemaker Pro 10.0v1 on XP PRO SP3 machines.  The database is located on their server.  They get to it by using Open Remote... from the drop down menu.  The server has Filemaker Server 8.0v1 installed.  I have relatively very little experience w/ Filemaker...I mostly handle their network/tech problems. 


Now the problem is not on all the PC's here.  It only seems to be happening on 3 or 4 computers.


The problem is this in detail...When dragging an item from their inventory into Item Entry (Manifest) the dragged item shows up as NO ACCESS.  All the fields associated with this dragged item will display some sort of the same message (NO ACCESS).  If you try and click on this item I get the following error message:  Your access privileges do not allow you to perform this action.  Now the weird part, if you leave the added item alone for about a minute it changes from NO ACCESS to how it should look, meaning, all the info is correct, I can click on item and manipulate it, etc.  It works exactly how it's suppose just have to wait about a minute or so.


Here's what I have tried so far: Called Filemaker tech support (they suggested the forum), did a registry cleanup on one of the problem PC's, cleaned up temp files on said PC and downloaded all the latest MS updates---no luck.  The tech support guy (Filemaker) told me that since other PC's could access the info just fine then it's a problem on our end.


I have been testing this problem on another machine on site.  No problems on this PC with the NO ACCESS error.  Everything transfers instantly.  On a hunch, I logged in on one of the "problem" user accounts and bam!  I managed to recreate the error.


Obviously, this is some kind of profile error.  The weird part is that they were not receiving this NO ACCESS error last week.  No changes have been made to the server.  They said it just started happening.  Why would these people profiles start behaving this way, and more importantly, how can I fix it?  Like I said, I'm no Filemaker expert!  


Thanks for all the help in advance!