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    No access to layout, go to original layout



      No access to layout, go to original layout


           I have the exact same issue as this post here, http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/7389c2f7c1, except the solution appears to be on a script by script basis.

           I have large database where I have given a very small part of it access to the client. So I don't want to go to every script I've written and add a Get(LayoutAccess) or Get(PrivilegeSetName) to check if a client has access to certain layouts.

           I'd rather create a custom privilege set and assign what layouts a client can access. However, doing this, when a client goes onto a layout the generic - - - - no access - - - - text is displayed on a layout with no option to go back (or anywhere for that matter). Is it possible to remain on the original layout if the user does not have access to a certain layout and display the "Your access privileges do not enable you to use the current sort order." dialogue box?

           Thanks in advance.