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no Account Password - help

Question asked by JefferyEllis on Jan 2, 2013
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no Account Password - help


     OK then. I;ve been using Filemaker since v2.0 Long time. But I'm not a Power user really. In v2 & 3, then 6 I was able to create layouts, add fields, create lookups & relate one fiel to another. I was happy for years.

     Then when I went to Mountain Lion - Mac OX 10.7 I had to upgrade to FM 11. It all went to hell then.

     First now it wants a Password or I'm just a Guest. I don't HAVE a Password. Never did. And I don't know how to create one for my exisitng files. Can I create a new Account & use clones of my exisitng DBs & import the data into the new ones?

     Then the lookup fields for my invoice to plug in client Name, address, City state zip doesn't work anymore. Don't know how to link them anymore

     I have a few FM db's i use - Addressbook, Invoice, Invoice Inventory to lookup specific items in the invoice - or I just write them in, a couple of simple DB's for software & photo Equipment.  

     But now when I land on an entry field in my invoice form it always asks me to find the "Invoice Inventory" and I show it - everytime. But nothing gets plugged in. I have a drop down menu for each field & can select an item, but it does not plug in the price as it used to.

     And that's ok really. I don't need it to do that as it's usually services, not static products so I can plug in a price. But why does it ask where the Inventory db is everytime? How do i yteach it the path permanently?

     But the important stuff is the Addressbook & Invocie.  

     The first field in the Invoice is called "Ref Adress" and it used to wrk that I would type in a name- first name or company name - and the drop down would access my Address db and go to the first name or company with that name. the more I type the farther down the list it would go until I hit Enter and that would plug in the whole Name, address,City state zip into the ADDRESS field.  Now I get the drop down of First & Last names, but it doesn not plug it into the Address field.

     I could send a clone of the Linked DB's to anyone who thinks they can repair the lnks & then walk me through it.

     Really appreciated