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    No application Icon on FM13 documents?



      No application Icon on FM13 documents?


      I've just upgraded from FM 11 to FM 13. Documents created in Filemaker 13 (on my Mac) are completely "faceless"--their icon is  just a white square with a clipped edge, and no Filemaker Icon. I went to Google with my problem, and downloaded a "Filemaker 13" icon (.png). I then loaded that onto the Filemaker Application (top of "get info" dialog). Now the Filemaker application in my dock has "PNG" on it, and I have lost the Filemaker icon there as well!  What am I doing wrong?

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          Get Info on FMP, delete icon, will revert to default.

          Repair Hard Drive with Disk Utility (hidden directory is where icon display info is stored).

          You can not repair the boot drive with Disk Utility on that drive.

          Boot with your repair partition and repair Boot Drive.
          OR Open in Safe Mode (SHIFT key down when booting) this MAY fix the symptom.
          OR run AppleJack (if your OSX is old) OR run terminal commands to repair.

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            Thank you, David. I haven't done your suggestion yet, but your instructions are clear enough. Out of interest, why do you think the icon disappeared in the first place? Is it because I upgraded from 11, and skipped 12? 

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              Simply select one of the "faceless" FM 13 icon, press 'command' and 'i', select FileMaker Pro Advanced as (default) under 'Open with'. 

              If that doesn't work download OnyX and run the maintenance script. David's suggestion will repair permissions. This is an issue with your OS X - not FM.

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                YASU is another utility that runs the built in maintenance scripts in OSX. http://yasuapp.net/
                Running it in Safe Mode is a recommended monthly maintenance routine.

                If double clicking the databases, opens them in Filemaker, the connection of the db file type extension .fmp12 is valid.

                The directory (invisible) is where the icon connection can be broken. Diskwarrior is an almost sure cure, but it is $100. But it needs to be run from another bootable device to fix the boot drive or partition.

                Safe Mode (SHIFT key down at startup) repairs the boot drive's directory with Disk Utility. http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201262

                YASU, Onyx, Applejack, terminal commands, and others run scripts that normally run at 3am daily, weekly, monthly.


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                  David is correct. Solid advice.

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                    Well, I  tried booting in Safe Mode, and that didn't work. (However, the icon is now back on the Filemaker 13 application, after clicking "Open With" Filemaker as default in Get Info).

                    I then downloaded Onyx and ran everything I could. Still no change--newly created databases still have a blank icon. If it's any help, when I open a  Filemaker 13-supplied solution, and save it, that document does have the Filemaker icon. 

                    I guess i have to buy Disk Warrior....

                    I'm running OS X 10.0, on a three year old MacBook Air. I downloaded a trial of FM 13, then paid the upgrade price from FM 11. I am not using FM 13 Advanced





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                      Save yourself the $100 you would spend on Disk Warrior and click on the 'change all' button below the 'open with'  menu after selecting FM13.

                      Disk Warrior is great if you are unable to load OS X. Mavericks associates the wrong application every once in a while. It's not a major issue. As soon as you copy the file to a different computer with FM 13  the correct icon will appear.

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                        Sorry to be such a pain, but I have already set FM Pro 13 to be the default app, and checked the box to "Open All" documents with FM 13.  I have tried exporting data, and then re-opening the export file, and I have tried "Save Copy As".  As  to copying it to a second device with FM13 installed, unfortunately, I don't have access to one.  But even if that approach worked, it won't help with new documents, none of which have the FM icon after creation.

                        I greatly appreciate everybody's help so far. Maybe I should pay $45 for some paid Filemaker support?