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    NO duplicate files



      NO duplicate files


      I am making a database to have information for our participants and wanted to include i.d numbers for each member of the family. I want to have an error message come up if there's a duplicate number both within the record and within the database. 

      Is this something that can be done? I have these options marked off on each "index, unique, allow override".


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          Best approach is to set up a table where each member of the family has their own record. A field in this table can auto-enter a serial number to issue them an ID and thus duplicate ID's will not be possible. Your Family table would then link by Family ID to this table of family members. The Family ID would also be an auto-entered serial number field.

          Ideally, neither value should be one that user enters by hand into any field of the database. You would design your system to allow you to select people by their names with systems in place to limit the list  names listed to a particular family and/or handle cases where there are two people with exactly the same name by listing them with additional info so that the user can choose the correct individual.

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            So i would need to create a second table?
            How would i link them afterwords?

            Here is how my records are set up at the moment (the image)

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              Typical relationships would look like this:


              Family::__pkFamilyID = Children::_fkFamilyID

              For an explanation of the notation that I am using, see the first post of: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained

              (You don't have to use these names, BTW, these are just what works for me.)

              You'd then put a portal to children on your Family layout to list all children for a given family. If you enable "allow creation of records via this relationship" for the Children table in this relationship, you can list children for a given family just by entering their names into the portal.

              Note: In some cases, you may need to list a child as the member of more than one family. In case of divorce, for example, it may be important to record info on the child's non-custodial parent in order to have contact info on file for both families. Such would be possible here, but requires an additional "join table" so that one record in Children can be linked to more than one family and yet still be able to list multiple children for the same family. I can go into more detail on that option if you find such is necessary for your solution.

              PS: Portals will default to a "table like" view of the related data, but you don't have to use that default arrangement. You can reduce the number of portal rows--even to just one row and then increase the height of the portal row to create what works as a type of "mini form" for recording/showing data on each child. You can even put up multiple copies of such a portal and specify different initial portal rows for each to recreate the layout  you have here, but while using the related table of information.

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