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No error returned sending emails

Question asked by antidote on Feb 2, 2010


No error returned sending emails



Script is a server side script running on FMSA10, Mac OS 10.5 

Testing was done running the script locally FMPA10, Mac OS 10.5 




Sending emails via SMTP server script step is not always generating an error. This is a follow up to my error 1506.


Client was complaining that emails were not going out.  I checked by sending a dummy email to myself and I received no email and no error in FM.  Not to strange, because it maybe after the smtp server accepts the mail. I duplicated the email script step and disable it so I could play around.


I change the smtp server to my mail server, no email. No email even received by the mail server.  I change all the variables in the duplicated email script step to hard coded. Send an email and I receive it.  I changed smtp server to the original server and the email goes out.


Now I delete the duplicated email script step and reenable the old one. Don't make any changes to it and emails start to go out.


The problem I have is I do not know what fixed it.  I don't know how to reproduce it, and more importantly I don't know how to prevent or trap for it.  Since the error capture seems to be lacking in some way, I will never know if an email actually went out, short of bcc'g my self on all emails.


Any one have any suggestions?