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No fonts in Starter Solutions except for Flat Databases

Question asked by NikkiMcAllen on Apr 17, 2011
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No fonts in Starter Solutions except for Flat Databases


OK I finally got the download completed after many, many tries.  8 hours at 20k even though my connection was much faster.  But the software still doesn't work !  Same as before (what I thought) was a corrupt demo....

Only  flat databases in the Starter Solutions have text in them (like Asset  Management).  Complicated ones are deviod of all text  (Invoice).  I can 'select all' and add any text I choose but that takes a  lot time and I have no confidence in this workaround.

I've  validated my fonts, performed Disk Repair from the Startup Disk,  restarted after install.  Nothing helps.  I can put in any font I like, in any size.  I have no virus software.   It's a brand-new MacBook Pro with 10.6.6 !  This should just work for  gosh sakes !

I've got WAAAY over 20 hours just trying to get  the software installed.  Haven't even begun to learn this very  complicated software.

Please help ! The time waste and anxiety is becoming unbearable.