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Question asked by MassimoFor on Dec 11, 2012


No host


     Hi everybody!

     I manage a small network of 5 Mac running from OS X 10.4 to OS X 10.6.

     I have a solution FM Pro 5.5 (yes 5.5!) which files are resident on a OS X 10.4 PowerPC computer. This is the only PowerPC machine, the other 4 are Intel based. The solution is quite simple, a dozen or so of shared files, very light and very basic operations.

     The question: if I open a file as a host on the OS X 10.4 PowerPC computer the other 4 while trying to open remote the file they don't see any host!


     If I open a file as host on a Intel based computer the others can see the host with any problem.

     How can I to fix that?

     Thanks a lot in advance for help.

     PS: please ask for any further detail I missed to let you know.