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    No Import Using Windows Runtime



      No Import Using Windows Runtime


      Hi All,

      This is the the windows expert out there.

      I have a runtime that was fully functioning, including importing data from a previous version of the database.  The database has recently been changed.  I add two new scripts into the database and created a new runtime for windows.  The runtime installs OK,and runs fine, but for some reason the import script does not work anymore.  It will ask me to locate the old version, then the script will run, but no data is imported.  The import scipt has NOT changed since the last version.

      I have a MAC Runtime that was also changed in exactly the same way, and it all works fine.

      I assume its is something in the windows setup that is preventing this from working.  

      Any ideas...?

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          Most likely cause is a change in the file path to the old version--something that is saved in the Import Records script step. A change in folder or file name is all it might take to cause this. You can try updating your import script to reconnect to the old file and see if that corrects the issue.

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            Hi Phil,

            I have plugin, both from Mac and Windows that the import script will open to allow the user to select the file for import.  The script then contracts the path and the rest is done through the import function.  It has been working well for some time on both platforms.  I assume that something is changed within windows that is stopping the file from importing.  Perhaps a security feature or write protection, on teh file locations, not the database.

            I can still add new records to the database....

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              I wouldn't think so, given that you are able to add new records, unless a folder permission setting is keeping the user from even opening the original file--which seems unlikely here.

              Here's how I automate the import process without needing a plug in:

              1. Use Insert File to insert the original file by reference into a container field. This can be set up to pop up the open file dialog so that the user can find and select the original file.
              2. Use text functions to extract the file path from this container field and store it into a variable.
              3. Import the records from this older file, by referring to the variable.


              You might test that approach to see if there are any issues with the plug in you are currently using.