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No Joy - Web Viewer Windows 7 IE8 or IE9

Question asked by krancmm_1 on Apr 4, 2011
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No Joy - Web Viewer Windows 7 IE8 or IE9



Windows 7, FM Pro 11 Advanced.

For the first time, I checked out the web viewer today.  Nada, nothing, no joy.  I keep getting "Internet Explorer can't open this website".  Of course, I could go the the same web sites directly, so no connection problem, misspelled urls.

I had just installed IE9 and thought that might be the problem, so went back and re-installed IE8.  No difference.

In addition I downloaded the Web Viewer demo file from Filemaker -- none of samples (google map, search, pdf, etc) worked with either IE8 or IE9.

Any suggestions on where to go from here or what to do to make this work?