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No LF / CR on Exported CSV files??

Question asked by ChrisDeith on Jun 5, 2013
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No LF / CR on Exported CSV files??


     Interesting one this one!   

     I have an application that outputs data as a CSV file for the Royal Mail DMO system.   For some reason, the DMO system would not read the file properly; it read the first line, but nothing else - and yet if opened in Excel, the data looked perfect.

     After much looking and head scratching, we discovered that the CSV file that was being output from Filemaker (as Windows ANSI) didn't have proper carriage returns on the end of each line.  Applications like Excel & Word seem to be "intelligent" enough to pick the data up properly, but in it's raw form the DMO system just won't read the file.

     Yet if the file is simply opened in Word & re-saved... with nothing at all changed... then the carriage returns are correctly saved at the end of each line of data and it works.

     As a work-around that will do for now, but ongoing I need to find a way to properly output the csv file from the application.

     Anybody come across this before, or got any ideas?