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    No ODBC connections in the runtime application?



      No ODBC connections in the runtime application?


      Am I reading this correctly? I hope I'm not because it's why I bought Filemaker Pro Advanced. Can I not create and distribute a runtime solution that works with a MySQL database through ODBC? Surely that can't be right. Help!

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          Steve Wright

          The runtime version is extremely limited, no networking, no mysql access, no Save as PDF's 


          If you are going to be supplying an 'off the shelf' solution / vertical market / shrink wrap / whatever you want to call it... then you can contact filemaker about their SBA program.  


          http://www.filemaker.com/fba/compare.html   (SBA info shown below is at the bottom of that page)


          The Solution Bundle Agreement is a software discount program designed for FileMaker Business Alliance members who want to distribute FileMaker software bundled with their professionally developed solutions. FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server are available for special volume discounts in this program.

          Eligibility requirements

          1. Available only to FileMaker Business Alliance members in good standing
          2. Minimum initial order is 50 units of FileMaker Pro. FileMaker Server may also be purchased at a discount, but do not count toward minimum order.
          3. Solutions to be considered for the SBA program must be submitted to FileMaker for review and approval.
          4. FileMaker software purchased under SBA program cannot be sold separately from the bundled solution.
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            There is no networking in runtimes, they are single user, one user at a time.

            Known and documented limitaton of runtimes.

            Run times don't do networking, they don't do IWP, they don't do PDF.





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              Well there's no way you'd get that reading the box. I don't mind the no-networking. I was going even do one user - one app. BUT not being able to create a System ODBC connection on the machine and give them the runtime solution is...well...a deal killer. I guess they should say ON the box create an "extremely limited" runtime solution. Not "create standalone runtime solutions that don't require Filemaker Pro."

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                Steve Wright

                I think in this day and age, Filemaker should consider, even limited network connection capabilities for runtimes, let the developer purchase for instance an X  user runtime licence covering a single vertical market solution at additional costs, where the clients are 'thin clients' with no abilities to create database solutions, only use them.   


                I often wonder how many people are put off using filemaker pro due to this...


                Lets take bento for instance (I may be wrong here) but It is impossible for us to create a simple solution to be shared between two or three users, at a price which could compete with such software, I only used bento as an example, there are thousands of similar things I could do, but cannot compete with the prices.


                "Bento now allows you to share your Bento libraries with up to 5 other Bento users on your local area network" as long as each one has their own bento licence, so that's $245.


                Now lets say we make some super fantastic database for home users we want to sell for $49 a go, we can.. as long as we don't ever want to allow the users to network. Since releasing a 5 user version of that $49 solution would cost us $1425 for the 5 licences alone !  
                Then add on our actual solution costs, so we can make some money..


                Other alternative programs do allow this without having to purchase fully blown programs simply to network a solution.


                The key here is... use a package which fits the budget of your solution.

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                  Well, believe it or not, I was looking for a way to accomplish something and PAY for it. I think the idea of everybody getting something for free is one of the things wrong with things. So is though when the Filemaker box says you can use it with MySQL, doesn't mention spending $30 to get a driver that can only connect to 5 sources. And my runtime solution I'm supposed to be able to create, won't do most of the stuff on the back of the box.


                  Now my problem is, OpenOffice, which is free, will do it. Maybe not as easy but I can create a database app I can give to my users in it. Very frustrating.


                  You try to do the right thing, and you get "marketing" instead of software. Very frustrating.