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No Portal Field Labels

Question asked by alc on Nov 5, 2011
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No Portal Field Labels


Unless I've lost my mind, I could swear that field labels were automatically generated when you first created a portal then added desired fields through the dialog box. (Assuming at least that you're already "defaulted" to create label when a field was added).

All of a sudden  this doesn't seem to be happening, so I need to manually double-click on each field, then drag it above the portal. (quite time consuming). I don't know when it began - but became obvious while creating a new DB.


Done so far:

I checked to make sure "Create Label" was checked when adding fields.

I threw out my prefs:"com.filemaker.client.advanced" and cache.db.

I even tried switching various standard fonts (hey, ya never know)


Still no luck. Does anyone have any ideas. Is this a bug?


Should it matter: I running 11.0v3 (not v4 as need to access old .xls files), and Mac OSX 10.68