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    No records match this set of find requests



      No records match this set of find requests




      when I am performing a find, for a known value that does exist in the database, I am getting the message:

      no records match this set of find requests.


      what is happening?


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          Howdy jimaspinall,


          either the quantity that you ask it to find (what you type in in find mode) does not match what you think it should {Check for misspells and stray punctuation}...


          Or you are looking in the wrong field.  The Find function looks for the quantity that you define, within the field in which you define it.  Are you sure you're entering the quantity in the right filed, associated with the right table?  If you look for "plugh" in field A in Table 1...it will not match to "plugh" in Field B of Table 1 or to Field A of Table 2.


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            Well it is the first contact that I have with you, I am requesting your help with a dialog "No records match this set of find requests".

            I am writing a Script  and I shall try to describe it to you in short.


            I want Find all those records whose a beginning and end date, are actual using today's date, what has happened so far is that when I have those two dates that match this criteria my script can continue performing the rest of the steps to it's end,  otherwise if those two dates are not present, this dialog appears and waits for the continue botton to be clicked and I cannot avoid it, my script provides a succesion of steps if the found set is empty, to end the script


            I am writng this because I am trying to control such things as vacations


            Alejandro de la Luz


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              Thank you for your post.


              In your script, just before the Perform Find script step, insert:


              Set Error Capture [On]


              This will allow you to capture errors.


              Immediately following the Perform Find, insert the following steps:


              If [ Get (FoundCount) = 0 ]

                 Show Custom Dialog [ "No records found" ]

                 Halt Script

              End If



              This checks to see if zero records are found.  If so, then display a message that no records are found and then halt the script (or exit the script).  Does that help?



              FileMaker, Inc. 

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                What seems to be working is only the Set error capture (On), It gets rid of the Dialog and the script continues the execution of it's steps to it's conclusion.


                In my case I am working with such things as programmed vacation periods, those are entered at the year's start or beginning, so when today`s date falls into the starting and finish dates I got to get a "V" indicating that the worker is unavailable and he or she must pay through the duration of the period, even if there is no output registered, instead, an average compensation according to the output archived by the rest of the crew has to be calculated and pay during that workers absence. 


                An other fun part about this is that there are many considerations to e taken in account, Sick, Permit, Fault, etc.


                Thanks for the tip