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    No space between paragraphs?



      No space between paragraphs?


      How can I reduce the space between paragraphs in a text box?  Right now I have the line spacing set to height 1 line, before and after to 0 lines.  FMP still puts a blank line between paragraphs.  I would like no blank space between paragraphs if possible.



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          That seems odd. On my system, filemaker advanced 11, Windows XP, I have a large text box in one of my files with the default paragraph settings (Line spacing 1, 0 in all other boxes in this section of the inspector except for "lines" as the units.) There is no extra space between paragraphs in the text I type into this field.

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            There's definitely extra space in my layout.  I see this in both the Mac and Windows version of FMP v11.  The issue here is a web form where some people hit return based on the size of the text box on the form.  As a result, the data can involve several "paragraphs" where, in reality, there's only one.  I've taken a  of what I end up with.  As with you, line spacing is set to 1 line; all other boxes are 0 in the inspector:

            FMP screen shot

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              "web form" is new data not found in your first post. I'm working directly with filemaker.

              How have you published to the web? IWP? CWP?

              Do you get the same results with different browsers?

              If you open the database directly with filemaker and type in this field, do you get the extra spacing?

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                Sorry -- I'm not being clear.  The data came to FMP via a web form.  This was a all set up by someone else.  My interaction with this is all directly in FMP.  The image I posted was a screen shot of the FMP layout.  The only reason I brought up the web form was to explain why each line in the text box whose image I posted was a separate paragraph.  -Ben

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                  Check the auto-enter settings for the field. I suspect something other than a simple paragraph format setting on the field is at fault.

                  Also, since the data comes from elsewhere, (imported perhaps?), I'm not clear on what happens if you just create a new record in filemaker and type into the field.

                  If the results don't have the extra blank lines then the problem is happening before the data gets to your database. The TextArea boxes of this forum, for example, insert extra line breaks when I hit return unless I hold down the shift key to prevent it.

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                    Thanks for the suggestions.  I created a new record and typed text in -- there was no extra space between the lines.  It looks as though extra carriage returns (or something else) are somehow being inserted between the web input and the FM record.

                    I'll follow up with the person who designs that end of things to see whether that can be fixed.  Many thanks!  -Ben