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    No Text Wrap?



      No Text Wrap?


           In a report, I am trying to display all the items that are selected from a checkbox set.  The field, however, lists these items in a columnar format.  Is there a way I can select to distribute these horizontally?


           Please see image for an example.  I'd like to have each item listed horizontally instead of vertically.  Is this an option?  I've looked at the help files, and no result...


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               Check boxes separate each selected value with a return--producing a single column of data like you have here.

               If you define this calcualtion field, however, you can get a horizontal list:

               Substitute ( checkboxField ; ¶ ; ", " )

               you can get your horizontal list of values. (You can also substitute Char ( 9 ) to separate the values with tab characters instead of commas.)

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                 There is no native way to change this behavior, but it's very easy to have it do what you want with the Substitute function and a separate field.  I'm presuming that users will not be changing the data on this report layout .

                 Create a new calculation field.  In it, use this in the calc -     Substitute ( Status ; "¶"; ", " )

                 This substitutes any instance of the carriage return with a  comma-space.  You can change out the comma-space to whatever value you want to have between each value.


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                   Thank you both so much!  This works beautifully!  Seems though, that this should be built in?  I'm sure there are circumstances I am not considering with having this a built-in feature.


                   Thank you both again!