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No updated unless manual Refresh Window

Question asked by MikeF_1 on Aug 31, 2012
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No updated unless manual Refresh Window


Have a layout based on table Events.

In that layout is a revenue portal based on table Revenue, and
an expenses portal based on table Expenses.

In the Expenses table is a summary field --- Expense Amount

If I change a flat expense in that portal, the Expense Amount
Summary [in the Events layout] calculates properly and accommodates the change.
This works fine.

The problem is however --- if I change a record in the
Revenue portal, that impacts a variable expense which calculates inside the
portal properly [say total Revenue times 3%].

… But it does not update the Expense Amount Summary field
unless a Refresh Window command is manually executed.   This
causes all sorts of problems – it’s frustrating for the user, and if they don’t
remember the reports are mathematically incorrect.

Have a script named CommitRefresh that contains two lines
--- Commit Record and Refresh Window. 
Have put it everywhere I can think of but to no avail.

Hopefully this is clear enough.

Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.