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No values defined...

Question asked by ChristopherClark on May 19, 2014
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No values defined...


     Hi everyone. I am pretty new to FileMaker etc.

     I am modifying a solution that a fellow colleague created. They are not available at the moment to question so I thought I would try the Forum. 

     In the first page of my "app or solution" I have 4 fields to be filled in. First is a stream name field it is a drop down menu that has all the possible streams one can choose from. The second field is a Stream code field, this field should automatically populate with a code that is respective to the stream that is chosen in the previous box. It worked fine when I got the solution from my colleague. He was working in a different area. So I found the table that contained the stream names and stream codes. I changed these values to reflect my research area. Now when I go to that first page, I go to select the stream name and it has a list of all of my streams, woohoo. But when I pick a stream it does not auto populate the stream code field like it did in its original form. Instead when I click on that second box for stream code it reads <no values defined>. 


     I have looked through the values, and relationships, and it all looks like it should work. If I go to Manage value lists and select "StreamCode"  then go to specify field in the edit value list, I can see that under "Use values from first field" I have the correct table selected "ikp_Stream". Then in the box below this I have the correct record selected "streamCode". 

     Then I have a radial button selected "Include only related values starting from" and I have a table called tbl_DCE. I think this is where I am confused and where the error lies. In the original version of this solution I would select a stream name. Then I would navigate to the tbl_DCE table and see a new record, with the stream name I choose, and then there would be a field with the correct Stream code. Well after I edited the stream names, and then tried the same thing, when I viewed the tbl_DCE table, it would have my stream name, but it would not have the streamcode. 

     So I am thinking someone the stream codes are not being automatically placed into this tbl_DCE for some reason. And due to this and the way I have the value setup for StreamCode on page one, it cannot "grab" the stream code from tbl_DEC

     If I go back to the Specify Fields for Value List for "StreamCode" and I select "Include all values" as opposed to "Include only related values starting from tbl_DCE" then I can actually hit the Streamcode field and all available codes are there and I can select one. But I really want this field to be autopopulated...


     Any help?