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Converting my one task to one file setup to a one task multi-file setup

Question asked by JessicaFiorini on Apr 10, 2012
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Converting my one task to one file setup to a one task multi-file setup



I have figured out that my current one task to one file setup in FM is not going to work in the long run. I would like to revamp it a little to reflect how our project workflow seems to be headed. Right now, I have a system in which a writer is assigned to create one day's worth of lessons. I will need the ability to assign up to 6 weeks of lesson creation at a time.

I have two tables; lessons and tasks. I currently create a task from a lesson and share a lesson id number and create a new task id number (both serial, auto-created). Lessons have a set naming convention called the container name that follows this pattern: 01_01_01_01, 01_01_01_02, 01_01_01_03, etc. I perform a calculation on the task table to produce this container name on the task record.

I would like for the editor to go to the first record in the desired lesson, create a task from that lesson record and have that task refer to all lessons that match the first two positions in the container name. So, can I create a new task for 01_01_01_01 and then choose to assign the same task for all 01_01_ lessons?

My thoughts are to create a search that finds all the 01_01 records and assigns them to the task. I am unsure how to grab the inital 01_01 from the container name fields. And I am unsure the best way to display my data. I've been trying some parsing techniques but I don't quite understand the structure. Thanks in advance.