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    Networked Barcode Scanners



      Networked Barcode Scanners


      Hi gang

      Does anyone have any experience with using networked barcode scanners to write to a central database.

      We are a school and are looking at a solution for staff 'signing' in and out of the buildings.

      I have created the database but have zero experience with networked barcode scanners.

      Any advice greatly appreciated.


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          What version of FileMaker do you have?

          Do you have access to technical info on how to configure your specific scanner?

          If you search this forum under "barcode", you should find several threads that discuss setting up a bar code scanner to trip script triggers that then perform scripts that:

          a) put the cursor in the correct field to receive the scanned data

          b) process the data once scanned to do whatever is needed for the particular barcode system that was set up.