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    perform look up without creating relationship



      perform look up without creating relationship


      I have a file with client information and services they have bought and I want to do a lookup of the cost of those services.  I also have a file with all the services and service costs.  Is there a way to do a lookup without creating a relationship between these two files?  I would like to do the lookup without a relationship because in order to have a relationship I need to have a common field value between the two files.  My intent is to perform a lookup or create a script that will allow me to push a button and go to the cost file but I even need a relationship to tell the script to go to a different file.  Any suggestions?

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          I think you need to rethink that. Regardless of whether you use a script to find the record with the cost or a relationship to link to it more simply, you need that common value or you have no way to determine which record has the desired cost value.