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FMP12 Portal Row Focus Issue?

Question asked by on Apr 24, 2012
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FMP12 Portal Row Focus Issue?


In FMP11 Advanced, I created a portal with many more rows than will display on the screen.  I put code in to Get (ActivePortalRowNumber) before executing a script then Goto Portal Row using the captured row number then committing records to clear the black bar.  This kept the portal row visible on the screen.

When I try the same (migrated) code on FMP12 Advanced, the portal resets to the top, hiding the desired row.  When I run this code in the script debugger, it works fine and maintains the visibility of the selected row.  Is there something different in the way that FMP12 handles the portal row focus?

I also tried the loop scrolling down the portal to select the row.  Identical results in FMP12 (resets to top of portal).