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Search Records and viewing in Portal

Question asked by JosahMower on May 11, 2012
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Search Records and viewing in Portal


I am trying to create a search page for my Reqs and Items tables but I am getting no where. What I am trying to do is for Req table. I have a layout REQ-Search and have fields like Req#, PO, Date first - last to search, Firstname, Lastname, Vendor. They are all inside the Req table. I also would like a Portal at the bottom of the page that when you move to the Layout REQ-Search, the portal displays a list of the last 15 Req entered.

Example: Say I put in a PO number and it pulls that Req information up. The information replaces the last 15 Reqs entered  in the portal at the bottom of the page and put the search result up. From the portal I can create the link to the new windows to see all the other information. Same resolute with the other search items.

I am having many difficults with searching.