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Question asked by truji_ on May 21, 2012
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Help - Security


I have the following relationship:


CC holds all the past and present courses the student was/is enrolled in.

Ideally, teachers should only see the students assigned to them -


Current settings are:

Students::TeacherID=List(CC::teacher_number)   ---this will get all the teacherIds for the courses the student is enrolled in


Teachers can see students when:



The "Open" script goes to the teachers table, finds/gets the teacherID based on the account name, sets the ID with a global field called gTeacherID and performs a find on the TeacherID field.


This works for what I need. However, I do not want users to search on an unstored calculation everytime they log in. I've had several server crashes before because of multiple users searching on an unstored calculation (on a different database).

Question is, what is a more efficient/effective way to accomplish this? ideas are very much welcome.