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    Cond format colour of date...


      Cond format colour of date...


      I am not sure of the format for this cond format -

      I want a date field to turn Green, if it is 1 month from today's date, Orange, if it is 6 months, Red, more than a year.. And black if the results of 'another field' is "Yes"...


      Also, I am having a few issues re: IF, Else IF, and Else. If I am running a script where I want to Print if Printed field = "No" or if "Yes" then custom dialogue appears...etc etc..bIt of a short brief but can expand if required..

      Thank you

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          For the conditional formattong:

          You can select the field and go to conditionnal formatting. (right click in windows)
          Then set the value to more then x days passed, aand set the amount of days.
          For that line choose a fill color of Green.

          Then create more lines for the other colors and select a different fill color.

          Conditional Frormatting

          For the IF in the script:

          If [PrintedField = "No"]
            Halt Script
          End If
          Display Custom Message Box [Message box text.]

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            Thank you very much - perfect answer!