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    Conditional Field Result



      Conditional Field Result


      I have a report that is a single line of output for each record. I want to include one of two fields conditioned upon the contents of a third.


      As an example:


      if Field 1 = Yes the report will look like this:

      Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 Field 4

      If Field A = No the report will look like this

      Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 Field 5


      There are both yes's and no's in the records for the report.


      Let me know if there is logic I can use to accomplish this.



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          Since you are using two fields that apparently store either yes or no, you have 4 possible combinations of values:

          Field1 = yes, Field A = no

          field 1 = yes, field A = yes

          field 1 = no, field A = no

          field 1 = no, field A = yes

          What would the report look like for each of these possible combinations?

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            Try using the case statement


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              That looks like it will work. Where do I find that option? Not sure how to get that logic into the report. Pardon my lack of programming skill.

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                if you go to fm help it shows you a few examples, try this in a calculation field.


                Case(field1 = "Yes";"yes"; field2 = "no";"no"; field2 = "yes";"yes";

                "If no statments are true - past your default here")


                //keep using this formula field to query = "if result is";"answer"; 

                // make sure to have the calculation result as text