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Relationship Question

Question asked by Tucker on Jun 6, 2012
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Relationship Question


I am creating a DB that consists of 4-tables. User, BankAccount, InvestmentAccount and Company.

A User can create new records that relates to a BankAccount (one user can have many bank accounts, each being a separate record) or an InvestmentAccount (one user can have many investment accounts, each being a separate record).

Then when sitting on one of the account records they can choose from a list of Companies (banks and investment companies) where company info is located (contacts, phone numbers etc) to tie the company to the account record.

User connects as one-to-many to tables BankAccount and InvestmentAccount:



I want to connect tables BankAccount and InvestmentAccount to the Company table so different companies can be related to individual records in BankAccounts and Investment Accounts. There's no problem connecting one of the tables but I cannot connect both tables to Company.

Perhaps there is a fundamental setup that's wrong with the tables?