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All records seem to be gone, but data there

Question asked by DavidGroos on Jul 10, 2012
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All records seem to be gone, but data there


Hi, Many years ago I used FMP extensively, but changed jobs and now 10 years later I've bought fmp 12 and have converted some of my old files, first to v.7, then v.11 and now v.12. Actually, I'm still using the trial version as I'm waiting for my regular license (not advanced).

I was trying to figure out the 'relation graph' while defining relationships and I think I deleted all tables there, and added back the local table. But anyway, when I go to browse mode it shows that the database has no records (had some 350 before).  I know the data is still there since it shows up in tables that relate to it!

I've searched on line, tried recovering the file (it said there were no problems and said that it had those 350 records and 9 fields) but still when going to browse mode it said there are 0 records.  I'm stymied!  Any help would be greatly appreciate!  Sorry for using probably archaic fmp language!


David G