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Portal returns only first applicable record

Question asked by MichaelMoul on Jul 10, 2012
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Portal returns only first applicable record



I'm a high school newspaper adviser, and I'm trying to write a project management database that will allow my newspaper students to track articles through the writing process and streamline communication.

I've got separate tables for staff members, articles and tasks.  Tasks can be assigned to a staff member and an article, and thus create a many to many relationship between them.

I've read that you can use related records as queries, and report the results of that query through a portal.  So I've created a layout that allows a user to input a date limit and a staff member name (saved as global values in fields called GDate and GName in the Article table), and a portal that should return all the tasks assigned to that staff member with due dates prior to that date.  I've created another table occurance ("TasksSearchable") for the Tasks table.  I've set up a Nonequijoin, using an Equal relationship between GName in Articles and Staff Member in TasksSearchable, and a Less than or equal to between GDate in Articles and DueDate in TasksSearchable.

But I'm not getting the results I'd like.  When I input the search values into the global fields, I do get results in the portal.  But I see the same record (in this case, a task) repeated a couple of times, instead of all of the different tasks that I want it to return.  Interestingly, I've noticed that if I manually count how many tasks I should be getting based on my search critera, the portal returns that many records.  But it's the the first record in the Tasks table, repeated that many times.

Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?  Your help will be appreciated!