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    Add Records to related Pop-Up menu



      Add Records to related Pop-Up  menu



      I have a Pop-Up menu that uses a value-list from a related table to display the supplier but store the ID. I'd like to have the ability to add new suppliers but when i "Allow entry of other values" I get an error as the popup-menu is expecting a number for the relationship rather than the string of a supplier name. My tables are:

      SUPPLIERS = ID, Supplier Name

      PRODUCTS = ID, ProductName, SupplierID

      Whats the best way that will allow me to add to the suppliers table but store the supplierID in the products table?




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               Add a button to your layout that uses a script to add a new record to your table of values. Adding the new record will automatically add it to the value list. The script can change to a different layout, open a custom dialog or use new dialog to open a small window where the user enters the data for the new value.