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Global Field? No Global Field?

Question asked by Annette on May 13, 2013
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Global Field? Not Global Field?  .....


Ok, will do my best to explain this.

I have a table I'll call People.  It records names, Job Titles and the services that the person works in.  The services field is a repeating field, they can enter up to five different services that they work in.  So for me the services might be Service 1, Service 2, Service 3.

I have a table called Service Activity I've also created a fieild which I call Global Services.

On a layout,  which is a report, which is linked to service activity table, I want people to have the ability to populate a list of clients they see within any of their given services (Which are assigned to clients in another location on the database).   So I've created the layout, added the field Global Services and had it set as radio buttons using a value list made from the services field in the people table.  This way I can choose one of my three services, click a button and it generates the list depending on the service I selected.  The button works fine and the global services field is fine for me, or so I thought  but I went into it at a later time and when other users go to this layout in that global services box it says no values defined instead of listing their services.

I should also mention that when a person logs into the database it's creating $$variables of various information for them, including their account name, etc.

Do I need to create a script going to this report that is setting fields of any of the login variables in order for the global list to populate?  Maybe I'm over-thinking it??

Any idea what am I doing wrong?