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How to replicate function used by the "Projects" database

Question asked by JoeMarcum on Nov 21, 2013
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How to replicate function used by the "Projects" database


Hi all, I am new to FMP but need some help to duplicate functionality that is used in the example “Projects” DB provided by the FMP software by default.

In the “Projects” example DB, they have a projects layout to capture info on the project that is stored in the projects table, then there is  a button that takes you to the “tasks” layout where you enter tasks associated with that project. Once you enter the tasks, those are stored in a separate table but are now associated to the project you came from so that you can see the list of tasks in the projects. Any new project would have its own list of tasks. This is the functionality I need to replicate. I have a table of customer info, but have a separate table for other info and need to link these like this. I can see that a small script is used for the button, but I am not sure how to replicate this.

This seems like pretty basic process and once I have seen it done I am sure I can apply as needed to my project im working on. Can anyone tell me what this functionality is call so I can search for it or link a video or article I can read to learn how to do this?

Thanks for all your help.