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    Help creating Tax Receipts



      Help creating Tax Receipts


      Hello forum! I am new to Filemaker Pro and I am currently using the demo, loving it so far. But I was wondering if it was possible to create a tax receipt template? We already do our invoices separately, but wondering if it was possible to have a sort of template set up for tax receipts to send to our donors for their taxes. Our current process is a bit slow.

      Any help is appreciated!

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               It's certainly possible, but you'd need to describe your current database design before anyone can provide you with help in how to set it up.

               Presumably your tax receipt would list all donations made in a specified year. Such could be printed and mailed to a donor or a PDF could be generated and emailed to a donor. This can be done as a batch operation where all donors who made a donation during the specified year and that have an email address get a receipt emailed as a file attachment.