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Establishing the right ER Diagram for Unique Projects

Question asked by on Apr 14, 2014
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Establishing the right ER Diagram for Unique Projects


Good Afternoon:

I am relatively new to Filemaker and I am having difficulty trying to figure out how to set up my tables as it pertains to the unique projects that I perform in the print brokerage space.   As a print broker, I have nearly 65 categories of print that I produce for my clients.  Each category maintains many attributes (specifications) that are unique to itself.  For instance, quoting envelopes is completely different than quoting a catalog that mails.  Each one has specific specifications that the customer would like to see on the quotation along with the pricing broken out.   

Once the Quotation is accepted by the client, then I need to produce Purchase Orders for the supplier(s), and then invoice the projects.

I am trying to enter all of this into filemaker to capture the information and make it a one button data entry for my workload.  Where I am having difficulty is in my ER Diagram.    Since I have such unique projects with so many attributes / specifications how do I break them out without creating too many tables?

Do i perform the following?

Customers ---<Invoices----Line ITems----Pricing---Envelopes, Catalogs, DirectMail, Posters, Postcards (all different tables?)

Any inputs would be great.